In Finland, the conservation and hunting of large carnivores is conducted according to national legislation and international agreements.

The Hunting Act and the relevant decrees

The bear, the wolf, the lynx and the wolverine are considered game animals. Legislation concerning game animals is laid out in the Hunting Act. More detailed provisions are found in the Hunting Decree, the Government Decree on Derogations Laid Down in the Hunting Act, and the species-specific Decrees issued by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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The Nature Conservation Act and Decree

The goal of the Nature Conservation Act is to maintain biodiversity in Finland. In accordance with the Decree, the Ministry of the Environment organises the monitoring of Finland’s native species and directs the evaluation of their conservation status.

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EU and the conservation of large carnivores

As a member of the European Union, Finland commits to taking EU legislation into account in its decision making. The Directives of the European Community are incorporated into national legislation, which extends their reach to also cover all private operators. The status of large carnivores is regulated by the EC Habitats Directive, and the regulations of the Directive have also been incorporated into the Finnish Hunting Act and Hunting Decree.

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International agreements

Finland's obligations

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