Number and distribution of lynxes

Thanks to hunting restrictions, the lynx population in Finland has become more numerous, and today lynxes are found in all parts of the country. The size of a lynx’s territory varies from around 150 to 1,000 square kilometres. The males have slightly larger territories, and the territory of a single male may overlap those of several females.

A lynx in winter coat. A lynx in winter coat. Photo: Lassi Rautiainen

Based on the observations of the large carnivore sighting network, distribution maps can be prepared for each of these species found in Finland. These maps show the number of large carnivore sightings per surface area. They give a rough indication of regional variations in large carnivore numbers from year to year; however, they do not directly indicate the numbers or densities of carnivores, as the weather conditions and the network’s rate of activity also influence the annual numbers of sightings.

For maps describing the distribution of the lynx and the most recent estimates of their numbers, visit the website of the Natural Resources Institute Finland (

Lynx population increased by 11% from the year before

The latest population assessment points to a population growth of approx. 11% since the year before. Prior to the 2020/2021 hunting season, there are an estimated 2,065 to 2,170 lynxes aged over one year in Finland.

Distribution of the lynx

Visit the website of the Natural Resources Institute Finland to see the distribution of the lynx population across Finland.