The Nature Conservation Act and Decree

The goal of the Nature Conservation Act is to maintain biodiversity in Finland. In accordance with the Decree, the Ministry of the Environment organises the monitoring of Finland’s native species and directs the evaluation of their conservation status.

The Nature Conservation Act and Decree

The goals of the Nature Conservation Act include achieving and maintaining a favourable conservation status for species and habitats, maintaining biodiversity and supporting the sustainable use of natural resources and environments. These goals are to be achieved by founding nature conservation areas and by protecting species and their habitats.

The hunting of large carnivores in national parks, nature reserves and other nature conservation areas on state-owned lands is controlled by the laws and decrees governing the foundation of these areas, as well as the general regulations of these areas. The Nature Conservation Act contains protection regulations, possible exceptions to these regulations and area-specific founding regulations that control hunting on new nature conservation areas founded on state-owned lands.

The Animal Welfare Act

The Animal Welfare Act defines how an animal should be treated, but does not touch upon species protection or population management.