Description of the wolverine

The wolverine is a stocky predator. Its paw print features five toes while lynx and wolf tracks only show the impressions of four toes.

A wolverine stands in the lichen and looks towards the photographer. Wolverine, photo Kimmo Pöri

The wolverine is our largest weasel

  • Body length: 69–83 cm (tail 16–25 cm)
  • Weight: 8–28 kg, the male is larger than the female

The wolverine is a stocky predator. Its fur is shiny and its overall colour is dark brown. The sides feature horizontal brown or yellowish streaks and the forehead and cheeks are also lighter in tone. The muzzle, tail and limbs are black. The wolverine's yellow-brownish ears are almost hidden in the fur.

Wolverine tracks

The wolverine moves in a unique manner, which leaves behind tracks that stand out because of their shape and large size. The wolverine moves either by jumping, which creates paired tracks, or by galloping, which leaves a slanted line where the impressions appear in threes. The wolverine's paw print ...

Behaviour and reproduction of the wolverine

The wolverine preys on an extremely wide selection of animals from small mammals to deer species and full-grown reindeer.