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The production and maintenance of the online service is the responsibility of a communications group focusing on large carnivores formed by several Finnish official bodies and organisations. This communications group comprises of Metsähallitus, the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Finnish Wildlife Agency, Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

The day-to-day operation of the website is the responsibility of Metsähallitus, who maintain the technical end of the service. The material found on the service is the responsibility of its author or authoring organisation, if the author is specified in the text. If the author is not specified, the communications group takes responsibility for the material.

This page was last updated on 16 Dec 2021.

Maintaining the service and liability for damages

The communications group intends only to publish information that is of high quality and as accurate as possible on the website, but it cannot guarantee that the information or content is always correct. The communications group has the right to alter or improve the content and structure of the service at any time.

The communications group does not guarantee the continuous availability or error-free operation of the online service. The communications group is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages to the user resulting from erroneous content, technical problems or service maintenance. The communications group reserves the right to alter the software, database, hardware and other parts of the service at any time. The communications group also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently discontinue the service or any part of it at any time.

Material produced by third parties

The communications group is not in any way responsible for the operation or content of other online services accessible via the service. By using a link on the website to move to another website, the user acknowledges that the communications group is in no way in control of the third party website or its contents.

Applicable legislation

The use of the online service and the interpretation of its Terms of Use are subject to Finnish law. The user commits to using the online service in a lawful manner and in accordance with good practices and these Terms of Use. Use of the website is free of charge.

Changes to these Terms of Use and coming into effect

These Terms of Use are considered to be in effect from the time of update onwards (as seen on this page) and they stay in effect until further notice. The communications group has the right to alter the Terms of Use and, if revisions are made, these new Terms of Use come into effect immediately after they have been published on the website.

Privacy statement

Data collection

The website collects user data on its feedback form. Users enter their name and email address on the form. This data is used to respond to the feedback. Entering a phone number is optional.

Data processing, transfer and storage

Data entered on the feedback form is stored in the site management system and sent to the site editor, who will forward the feedback to the correct person for processing, if necessary.

Personal data is not disclosed to parties outside the communications group, and the data is only processed inside the European Economic Area (EEA). The personal data provided in conjunction with feedback is stored for as long as necessary for the purpose of feedback processing.

The protection of the website complies with best practices in data protection as well as valid legislation and regulations. System user rights are restricted to persons who require them in order to carry out their duties.

Use of cookies

The online service makes use of cookies, some of which have to do with functions of the website and others are used for developing the service based on statistical analysis.

The user may disable cookies or delete already existing cookies from his or her browser settings. However, this may cause disruptions in the use of the website.

The publication system uses a cookie to maintain the user's session. The data our cookies collect is general statistical data that is used only for the purposes of improving the service. The service tracks the following information: total number of visitors and page views, total number of sessions and their average durations, is the user returning to a page or visiting it for the first time, which web address is the user coming from, most common search words, most popular pages, type of device used, type and version of browser used and most common service providers. No personal information is collected and an individual user cannot be identified based on the collected information. The pieces of collected statistical data cannot be connected to each other.

The usage tracking is based on Google Analytics and makes use of Google Universal Analytics (for more information, see and Google Tag Manager. The pieces of collected data cannot be connected to each other. The usage tracking makes use of Google Tag Manager's JavaScript code.

The website contains embedded third party online services, which may also install cookies on your browser:

Data subject rights and contact details of controller

Data subjects reserve the right to request data concerning them from the data controller as well as the right to request that said data be corrected or deleted.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy of or your own data, please send us an email to aku.ahlholm(a)

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