Coexisting with large carnivores

Humans and large carnivores have always lived side by side in Finland. Attitudes towards the animals have varied from good to bad over time. The myths and legends surrounding these animals have affected the attitudes and often incited fear and even hatred against our   large carnivores.

In fables bears are sometimes depicted as the wisest and bravest of all beings, and other times they are merely dumb and plump. The wolf is often shown as a cruel beast. Even though the lynx is considered one of the most beautiful animals among the Finnish fauna, there aren't as many stories or beliefs about it as there are about the bear and the wolf. The wolverine is the least known of our large carnivores. It has been considered an evildoer in reindeer country, but elsewhere in Finland there aren't many stories or fables that feature the wolverine.

Predators are well represented in arts and crafts

The good and bad predator

Attitudes towards predators have always varied by species. The wise bear has been respected throughout the ages while people have rarely had anything good to say about the cruel wolf. Even though the world has changed, these ancient attitudes are still present in people's minds today. Read more


Suurpetoja esiintyy myös kirjallisuudessa, runoudessa ja saduissa. Rakastetuimpia lienevät perinteiset eläinsadut. Lue lisää

Art and craft

Large carnivores and their relationships with humans are depicted in a wide variety of books, films, music, dance and other forms of art. Predators have also inspired different kinds of craftsmen and craftswomen in various ways. Read more