Number and distribution of lynxes

The Finnish lynx population has become stronger since the lynx became a protected species and it has now spread to the entire country. The size of the lynx's territory varies between 100 and 1 000 square kilometres. Male lynxes have larger territories than females and the territories of male lynxes may overlap with those of several females.

A lynx in winter coat. A lynx in winter coat. Photo: Lassi Rautiainen

The data collected via Finland's large carnivore sighting network allows analysts to create distribution maps for each of our large carnivore species. These maps show the number of large carnivore sightings per unit of area. They may be used to find out regional differences in the density of large carnivore populations but they cannot be directly used for estimating the actual numbers of the predators.

Maps on the distribution of lynxes and the most recent estimates of the number of lynxes in Finland may be found on Natural Resources Institute Finland’s (Luke) website (in Finnish).

The number of lynxes

According to the population estimates there were about 1865–1990 grown-up lynxes in Finland before the hunting season in autumn 2018.

The distribution of lynxes

Read more about the distribution of lynxes on Natural Resources Institute Finland’s (Luke) website (in Finnish).