Wolverine (Gulo gulo)

The wolverine (Gulo gulo) is our largest representative of the weasel family. The future of the wolverine depends on the success of other large carnivores, especially the wolf, because the wolverine is primarily a scavenger. It prefers to look for something to eat rather than something to hunt.

The wolverine's Latin and Finnish names are derived from its feeding habits: Gulo and ahma both mean "glutton". When the wolverine finds something to eat, it devours it quickly swallowing even the larger chunks of meat whole. As a predator the wolverine is a little clumsy, but in the right snow conditions the wolverine can kill several reindeer in quick succession. This is typical weasel behaviour: they kill animals for storage, so to speak.

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Wed 22 Jun 2016 10:00:00 AM EEST

Finland has long experience in conserving large carnivores and managing their populations, and indeed there is wide interest abroad in the Finnish policy on large carnivores. This is why the Finnish suurpedot.fi website is now also available in English at largecarnivores.fi. This allows us to give information and take part in the exchange of information and views on large carnivores across Europe.

Largecarnivores.fi website offers a lot of information on the four large carnivores in Finland: wolf, bear, lynx and wolverine. Besides the highly popular details on the species and their tracks there is information on the conservation and management of large carnivores and their position in society.

“We wish to tell about the varying interests relating to large carnivores from the perspective of management, conservation or, for example, reindeer husbandry,” says Sami Niemi, Ministerial Adviser at the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The English language website is an information window on large carnivores in Finland for the international media, NGOs and all those interests in the matter.

The website is maintained by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Metsähallitus, the Finnish Wildlife Agency, the Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Ministry of the Environment.

Sami Niemi, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland, tel. +358 295 162 391, forename.surname@mmm.fi