Meeting a wolf

The wolf is a sizeable wild animal and large carnivore and you should remain calm and fearless when coming face to face with one. A rabid wolf or a wolf that is put on the defensive may harm a human, but this has not happened in Finland since the late 19th century.

Applications for the hunting of 48 wolves

Mon 12 Jan 2015 01:23:00 PM EET

According to the draft regulation made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, population-based licenses could be granted for the hunting of max. 29 wolves. The Finnish Wildlife Agency will assess and examine the case-specific grounds for the granting of licenses. Decisions concerning the received applications can be made after the regulation enters into force.

The EU’s Habitats Directive enables the population-based hunting of large carnivores on the conditions that the game species has a management plan and that the hunting will not weaken the obtainment of the protection level – and if there is no other satisfactory solution to the conflict. Until now, population-based hunting in Finland has concentrated on lynxes and bears, reducing conflicts caused by them. The hunting of wolves will be implemented as a two-year trial, where the effects of hunting on the wolf population, wolf pack structure and people’s attitudes will be closely examined.